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It's funny how your role model just outdated, becomes the old model
At the hotel asking for more bottles
Menage et plus one, I'm fucking four models
Wordplay that elevates minds like Aristotle
Murci-lago, whipping through Chicago

All the beautiful women follow wherever I go
Million dollar deals on the table
Just a couple years ago I couldn't pay for cable
Growing up surrounded by cane like I was Abel
Shit was unstable, now Visionary's the label
Plus Def Jam know who I am
I'm that motherfucker that do it just 'cause I can
Now I'm on a level that your elevator can't reach
I've got information that your school system doesn't teach
I've got verses that your Sunday service wouldn't care to preach
Second coming of Christ flow, they like woah
Raps to you with lyricism, kidnap your soul
And change your mind like I'm penetrating your skull
I seen shit John Lennon couldn't imagine
Just me and a mic on a main stage spazzing
It's the type of shit normal people can't even fathom
So much swag, kiss your bitch and she orgasm
I'm hazardous, you would have sworn I'm from Nazareth
I'm resurrecting hip-hop like it was Lazareth

Step to the mic and they gon dread it like Weezy
Man this industry is so damn breezy
Swagging on the track, they say I sound like Yeezy
But I don't give a fuck 'cause getting money too easy
21st century, doing something mean to it
Play this in the south and everybody gon' lean to it
Greatest of all time, it's got a nice ring to it
We do it for the music, money ain't a thing to us
Been shining motherfucker, what's bling to us
Most loved, most hated at the same time
Star player in this bitch and it's game time
Who you know lyrically killed the club with the same rhyme
They call me Logic, motherfucker better know the name
I spit crack like Pusha, Novocaine
We never dumb it down, you know we just numb it down
And watch you get up in your feelings when we come around
Grew up on section 8, you probably can't relate
'Cause y'all just watched the throne, I'm tryna checkmate
I've been shining since before I bought them diamonds and
They talk that sht, they talk that shit, it's so astonishing
Y'all better swallow that pride like a klonopin
Cause I can lay tracks with my eyes closed

Got a show in LA Sunday, then New York Monday
Looking at the BET cypher like I'll be there one day
It's the Roc reincarnated, we call it Visionary
Fuck the world 'til I'm on top, we call that missionary
The game's on pause, it need to load again
These rappers is re-runs and we need a new episode again
Yeah, well motherfucker this the pilot
So fly I recorded this on the PJ next to the pilot on a CB
Now you see me on the TV
Said this would happen back in the day but you ain't believe me
So um, I'ma keep rising to the top
Never stop and finger fuck the world 'til the day my album drop.

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