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Natural Disaster

[Verse 1]
Had lips like candy
Hair floated like water
Skin like velvet made
The whole damn world slow down
She was a preacher's daughter
Never did what daddy taught her
And the rebel in her soul
Brought her to me

The river was cold
And the river was wide
She flowed from the mountain
Straight across the great divide
And her heart ran cold
But her love runs deep
She is fire on the mountain
Wrecking everyone she meets

She is like rain when she rolls in
But that sunshine in her thunder
Makes the loneliest heart wonder
If the ride is worth the pain
Might not be storm clouds in sight
Oh but do not you worry friend
She is coming around the bend
She is holding lightning in both hands

[Verse 2]
Lord, please know
It is not time for me to go
The river has my heart
She is the keeper of my soul
On one side of the water
Sweet everlasting grace
The other side could end your life
Or steal your breath away


[Verse 3]
She is a natural disaster
She will tear the land in two
She is running to be running
Because it is all she knows to do
She is a tumbleweed rolling
A river running wild
A hurricane blowing
She is the calm after the storm
Under an Appalachian sunset sky


She is like rain
She rolls in
But there is sunshine in her thunder
She is coming around the bend
She is holding lightning in both hands

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