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Ayy, live from the mix, yeah

The HK bussin' like an AK for real
This year tough, I'm tryna stay sane for real
These girls coming with the same-same for real (For real)
Competition weak and I play games for real
All I ever knew was live it up
Me and all the dawgs on the grind right now, girl, sure enough
Tryna find balance, tryna find balance, split it up
Split it up, to love you right, I gotta give it up
Give it up, give it up, give it up (Six)
[Verse 1]
I'm in my bag again, don't get you mad again
Booty so big that they think you're East African
You get so loose in my room, I don't know what's happening
She says "I'll be your girl when words match your actions", and
She knows I got some ho friends, she knows I'm a lot like them
She's not no dummy when I say, "It's a work trip in Dominican"
She knows I'm sinning again, she knows
Good God, damn, I can't get shit by you
I can't be sleepin' on you, I wanna put some shit on you
Look how it sits on you, eugh, those tights might rip on you
Slave to the cat, I prove it, God gave me six lives too
Your ex, your ex, well, he move like six times two
He a whole f*ckin' 12 ass nigga
He been out here talkin' down for a minute
I'ma have to move neatly for you
You gon' have to break me off a piece when I do

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Date Added: 2022-06-30
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