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[Verse 1]
Hold the line, we ain't done
Don't give up this divine bond between us
The tide is high, nothing's lost
Could turn over a new leaf, for my love, oh
A broken frame, and I know
It's pictures of jealousy
You don't believe me
When I show you often
We're sacrificing some time
Why all this in overdrive
With you beside me, I become unraveled
And you can see right through me
No, we can't go down like this
You are afraid to be fully open
Though you can see all my cards
My hеart is in overdrive
My heart is racing
I cannot slow down and it's bothеring me
How forward of me would it be to tell you to forward to me
You should be right here anyways
Your energy's calling for me
There's deeper places we can go

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Date Added: 2022-06-30
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