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Never Let It Go

Say Mike D. Dig these blues...
Here I go again, runnin' off at the mouth about buster's
Muthafucker's just mad at me 'cause they diamonds ain't up in cluster's
Too many times I done paid my dues
Even today I'm still payin' 'em fool
"Could it be the reason I'm so cold in the rap game is muthafuckin' pain!"
I'm screamin' "Jesus, I need a better way of life!"
'Cause at the rate I travel now, I can't decide a day from night
Still the King of The Ghetto, the ghetto is where I lay my head at, evade feds at & break bread at
These some of my bitches got a nigga fucked up, my attitude is already rude
And too many people make me paranoid, so I'll wet a bitch & I'll wet a dude
Straight like that I don't give a damn I'm Gangstafied, from toe to head, enough said
Flippin' in a gangsta ride & when it get gangsta, a gangsta will bust heads
It's in my blood, I'm a muthafuckin' thug, even though I know better
My only love is for my gorillas & for the cheddar
So all you mark ass niggas get the fuck up outta dodge
Get your life right with God, then if you want war let's go to war!

It be a bunch of drama on my block, my partner accidentally shot his mama on my block
Tryin' to survive in the Land Of The Lost, hopin' I can at least find me
'Cause back in high school ain't now one of my teachers reached me
I wasn't cuttin' up in class, I had money on my mind
Visualizin' a muthafuckin' come up, ready to get up & grind
Chasin' paper like a muthafucker, me & buddy Ro, movin' ounce after ounce after ounce of that yayo
Makin' money what I love to do, but my freedom is pendin' & if I get caught slippin' my freedom is endin' nigga I'm playin' it safe
100's & 50's & 20's & 10's & 5's, some 1's up in my safe, 357 & a .40 & a .44 up in my waist a maniac
Trigger happy & don't give a fuck what I be aimin' at
Ridgemont for live forever I'm claimin' that. Ridgemont for live forever I'm claimin' that

My niggas be killin' each other behind these busted bitches
I would rather be spendin' my time in a drop top, somethin' out on switches
With a sack of that shit, so I can calm my nerves down
Dealin' with bitch nigga after bitch nigga I'm ready to release rounds
Out of the mini .14 I'm a shoot 'til it's over with, ain't nobody gon' stud up
Another one bites the dust, I'm throwin' that pud up. Nigga what?
I'm ready to kill & I'm ready to die for 'cause for my life
The reason why I'm anti-social & built a way around my life
Ain't nobody but me
Z-Ro The Crooked in the flesh
Mo' City Texas ain't no fashion show, niggas come here & meet death
It'll be a battleground with nothin' but dead enemies of myself
'Cause when I be clickin' I be feelin' a strange energy within' myself
I never be givin' a damn about it because it be feelin' so live
So when I be doin' that there, don't fuck with me & take me outta my vibe, nigga
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 never gonna let the game go... fo' sho'

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