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New Freezer

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda]
I'mma cash out on the AP, new freezer
The coupe sit nice on some new feet, new sneakers
I took your bitch out to Pappadeaux's
She tried to order a sloppy joe
I told her give me some sloppy toppy
Then let her know she a sloppy ho
Tune pick me up in this brand new Bugatti
Two million cash, this is not a Ferrari
260 the dash, I smoke anybody
150K cash, it fit in my pocket
This is that D6, shout out to Drizzy in the 6
Mafia like it's the Three 6
Choppers make niggas do B-flips
Put the heat to your moon like an eclipse
Burn niggas like a freak bitch
Flip and turn you like a key switch
'Cause you bit the hand that I feed with, yeah
Only time will tell, nigga
I sat back and tried to tell niggas
If you try to test me, watch you fail, nigga
D-triple-6, I'm raisin' hell, nigga

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Death wish, death wish, death wish
I come to fulfill your death wish
First I must refill my beverage
That's promethazine, sold separate
That's from Texas, she's from who knows
I got new doors I ain't step in
I got new hoes I ain't hit yet
I ain't hit yet? Time is precious
I got pre-rolls I ain't lit yet
I got pre-thoughts I ain't think yet
I got money I ain't see yet
And they wan' know why I ain't blink yet
I got big bags in my book bag
Make me walk around like Hunchback
Diamonds so bright on my one hand
Gave all five fingers a sun-tan
Haters upset, that's a fun fact
I got pussy in my lunch bag
I got soap and I got towels
Bullet showers lead to bloodbaths
I got hoodies that say 'Young Money'
I got bitches that steal them from me
They go home and then they send pictures
To my phone with nothing under it
What am I to do? I'm lovin' it
I run a bad-ass bitches company
That's my company, my bitches humble me
I saw your bitches, that was comedy
I got the romedy, oops I meant remedy
I got the chemistry, and the amenities
Up in my bedroom, holding assembly
They leave feelin' good; physically, mentally
Meditate, meditate; think about yesterday
Fuck what that nigga say, think about yesterday
I can't do everyday, I could do very late
Just hit me up and now go check my resume
Get out that Chevrolet, jump in this better Wraith
I know you see the doors open like Heaven Gates
She think I'm Heaven sent, and I would not forgive every sin
But I forget everything
Thanks to the medicine, thanks to the purple stuff
I'm finna pour it up, I'm finna stir it up
If I had a heart it'd be a purple one
Pockets too fat, I'm pulling my girdle up
Shots of Bumbu, I'm finna serve 'em up
I got them comfy and kind and courteous
I put the old bodies in the new freezer
Brrrr, I never heard of her, six shit

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