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When I talk it, I live it, they feel it (Haa)
And I got a pretty bitch with a fat ass
Put one leg in the air when I hit it (Ha Ha Ha Ha)The police behind me
You know that I`m smashing
I ain`t pulling over, you tripping (Vroom, vroom)
But I ain`t tryna talk about police
Let`s talk `bout bitches
Let`s talk `bout business (Okay)
Let`s talk `bout this young nigga that came up from nothing
Now he worth a mu`fucking million (M)
Used to pay for a section
Now they gotta bring us through the
backend to come in the building (Ha)
I knew that I was special back when we was
breaking in houses and robbing and stealing (Okay)
We made you put your hands in the air
Put that thang in your face
Run your pockets, we dipping (Haa)
And I ain`t gotta act like I`m `bout it
Ain`t ask for no vouchers, I`m really official (Okay)
Tryna look out for karma
I had good intentions
I`m still asking God to forgive me (Turn up)
I know I got these fuck niggas pissed off
I`m over they bitch house, I`m all on the WiFi
I`m a trigger man, play Mr. Nice Guy (Ha)
When he front, I run off, nigga, bye-bye (Yeah)
I tell her I`m a mu`fucking star
She can see me on TV, just turn it on Syfy (Ha ha)
Know that I got a whole lot of hoes
And they all different colors
I mix them like tye dye (Yeah)
We gone make your hoe dance with the devil
It`s October 7th
Shout out my boy Da Da (Ha)
Turn it up on a whole ‘nother level
Now they can`t deny, I`m catching they eye now (They eye)
You may not wanna run up on me to
promote your CD unless you ready to die now
I can lower the price on the Piezy
You get them from me
And you buy more then 5 now

And I`m the best muthafuckin` rapper, man
Th-thats just too much for `em, like
You know its just too much for `em first
You see what I`m saying, it`s just too much for `em
You know, it`s too much for `em
Blank Blank
You know
The best mu`fucking rapper
The prettiest sought nigga alive

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