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Nigga Like Me

(feat. B.G. Duke & Point Blank)

I heard it through the grapevine, you say fuck Duke
If you that strong about it, then come see Duke
Find out what this glock, or left and right do
We can take it there, if you wanna take it there
We can do like middle school, step in my square
I don't do fair, I'm a Clover Gee
I thank you for your jewels, they look better on me
You over there with a naked neck, I got three on me
My baretta on me, so don't reach homie
They call me Duke Ali, when I'm banging that pistol
Cause my gun and my vest, is a military issue
Brother wait till I see you, then do a song and diss ya
Beat your ass, then rap bout how I did ya
Caught you at the club, you was full of that liquor
I told you not to fuck, with them Screwed Up niggaz
And this is a stick up, give them damn jewels up

It don't matter, where you go
You can search high, you can search low
But it's guaranteed, you'll never find another nigga like me
Niggaz think they gangsta, cause they throw signs
I bet they take the block off, when I throw mine
It's guarunteed, there'll never be another nigga like me

[Point Blank:]
Listen nigga, I don't say shit I can't repeat
And I keep it real gangsta, from the booth to the streets
The jewelry never made me, and never will
Motherfuckers out here hating me, and hating me still
I don't do stupid ass shit, to get accepted
Keep my named out your mouth, 'fore I check your dental records
You not a gangsta to me lil' boy, you a bitch
Only stripes I see, go up your motherfucking back
I'm certified in the streets, O.G. status
Throw some'ing on the stage, let the whole front row have it
Fully loaded semi-automatic, is the tool
Bitch, don't make me act a motherfucking fool
Point Blank the Bull, no doubt one of the hardest
Extra clips, in the glove compartment
Soon I'ma be, considered one of the largest
Also known, as the knock off artist


To some of y'all I'm a new nigga, but I been rapping
And whooping niggaz ain't new either, cause I been scrapping
Let me describe myself, I'm about six feet even 228 pounds
When I get pissed off, I shoot shit up and shut shit down
My attitude is rude, enough to be a stepmother
Still in the public eye on Murda Dog, I'm on the next cover
I been dealing with paper, lately
It's a lot of niggaz hate me, but the 3-57 ain't got a safety
So it's bl-uck bl-uck, when my enemies are spotted
So accurate with me aim, y'all chill mayn I got it
Pull up in they front yard, and bust until every window break
(Point Blank), B.G. Duke and Z-Ro the Crooked hoe we holding weight
Fuck the rap game, nigga this A.B.N.
Assholes By Nature, we could give a fuck about a friend
We smoke so much, we always got five on it
I'll be grooving until the world stop moving, I put my nine on it

[Hook x2]

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