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No Concern

[Verse 1: Necro]
You should wear a dress, don't ever stare or test
If you died tomorrow, I wouldn't care less
Now feel this, I dare you to step
Bring you to a near-death experience
When I [?]
Don't speak holmes, when I hit I break cheekbones
You're fake, decapitate off your weak dome
You don't rep that great, I never bumped you
Lump you up, dump you out, chump you
Close the deal and check in your neck with steel
Mechanisms, check the eyes, real recognize real
Looking for a chick that's amazing
A bitch that'll give you lacerations if we got altercations
The occasional brawl, Kimbo ?sneeze?
Working out, militant Rambo ?D's?
Jailhouse, [?], Julius Campbell [?], allow us on attack

What'cha gonna do, nines get clapped at you
We let the hatred burn, your life is no concern [x2]

[Verse 2: Necro]
Smack you in the mouth
Mush you in your cabbage
The shit you rap about is for pussies and faggots
You take it up your bunghole
You're pompous and weird
My Vietnam jungle boots are for stomping queers
You're a true fag, get out the game
Me and you are not the same
I'm a real nigga, you're a douchebag
So fuck you and your freedom, you fuck
You faggot fuck, pull him out the truck, beat him
You dippy motherfucker
You got the right to be killed
Kicking that faggot shit
A bullet sniped in your grill
Make your head disintegrate
Eat shit off the dinner plate
You got the freedom to get fucked in your ass by an inmate
Necro's in the house, big up, big up
You want beef what, jig up, jig up
Tear your whole fucking wig up, pick the cig up
Lick the [?] with slugs like Kiss


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