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No Flocking (Freestyle)

Soulja !
Getting to the cake
All these niggas fake
Yea these niggas snakes
These niggas hate
Pull up on they block,First 48
Gripping that heat
Giuseppe's that sit on my feet
Trapping and capping getting money all week
Pussy ass nigga, you know that you weak
Pull on yo block, shoot a nigga in his cheek
Came up from serving, you know it's no flocking
I pull up on yo block and I'm gripping the chopper
I'm getting to the money
I'm getting to the dollars
Man look at yo bitch, she say I'm trending topic
I came up, and you know a nigga got rich
Standing in Zone 1 I'm serving them bricks
Who want beef with me,I'm gripping hollow tips ?
Mac 11 on me make his body flip
Giuseppe karate kick
Hop out the foreign whip , like it's a stolen whip
I'm gripping the .223,came in with hollow tips
Disrespect Soulja,man, we gone shoot some shit
The pistol be popping
Everybody be dropping
In broad day, and I'm Ferragamo when I'm shopping
Disrespect Soulja, you know that my niggas start popping
I smoke with Jamaicans, I hang with the Shallahs
I'm smoking on dope, I feel like a rocket
Fettuccine Alfredo, I'm eating my pasta
Maison Margiela, I'm popping my collar
Faking actor, you deserve a Oscar
I'm feeling like Future, this shit get colossal
Hit a nigga,in the head, with a bottle
Maison Margiela, I hop out the Rarri, I'm popping
Too many hoes,got too many options
Nigga who the fuck, you think that you stopping ?
Aim with the chopper, I know that I got him
Grab the uzi, then a nigga start popping
Hunnid shooters in Atlanta, Hunnid of them Bompton
Mini Mac 11, nigga start bussing
Came up from the bottom, never had nothing
Audemar bust down, gave it to my cousin
City to city, Lil Soulja Boy buzzing
You tried to diss Soulja, but boy you a joke
You lame ass nigga, you know that you broke
I'm balling so hard, like I'm on a coat
My shooters pull up, they hit you with scopes
Tell Trump and Hillary, I didn't vote
In the kitchen, hit the pot with the fork
What the fuck Imma vote for ?
In the trap hit the pot, with my elbow
I iced out my other ear
They need to give Obama 4 more years
I'll kill a nigga, tat one more tear
Broke ass nigga, get the fuck out of here
I'm getting to the money, dope up in the wind
I was gone stop, but now it's time to go in
I'm fucking yo bitch, and yo bitch best friend
And I'm Soulja Tell Em' and I whip up a 10
Sipping on juice, I don't do the Gin
Who is this broke nigga? Who let him in ?
Soulja Tell Em', I pull up with the chopper
Aiming at the motherfucking chin
Chopper hit a nigga straight in the head
Lamborghini, that's a arm and a leg
Disrepect Soulja, boy you know you dead
10,000 put it straight on yo head
I don't give a fuck about none of yo goons
I don't give a fuck about none of yo hoods
Run in yo house with the chopper, we pop
Pull up on yo block,and yo body gone drop
Snatch the gold out yo mothafucking mouth
Shooters they come and they run in ya house
Shout out my shooters they posted down South
I got them niggas, that pull up with triggers, that put the pistol in ya mothafucking mouth
Yea, man yall how the fuck I'm rocking

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