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No Glove No Love

We're loading up on Trojans that we're taking on the tour. We've seen your kind before. You say you're something new. You saw the show, you want to party with the band and crew. We meet a bunch of girls and think they're really cool. We pack the gear and meet them back at the hotel room. Don't expect our love, unless you've got a glove. You'll get infected and rejected, it'll grow on you.No glove, no love - young, dumb and full of cum. No glove, no love - we're only in it for the fun. We start to swap spit. She tells me I'm the king. I say come on let's do it. She says we're gonna swing. She starts to rip her clothes off and dance around the room. I hope this thing is safe, or else I'm doomed. You know, for me it's been just a crazy night. The way this girl is acting, I hope the mood is right. I grab another Trojan, just to play it safe. Now I got double proof just in case it breaks.Meaning: Safe Sex.
M.o.d No Glove No Love

Date Added: 2007-11-25
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