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Ocean Of Blue

She chose a place on the coast
She thought it would do her some good

She was sadly mistaken
Met up with the wrong crowd
That took her down the wrong road again

Two o'clock in the morning
She cries the city lights
Ecstasy and the diner
Night after night

What you have got is a hole
In you ocean of blue
Drains right on down to your soul
And then it drowns you

The first thing she saw in the morning
Against the pale gray sky
A rainbow that changed without warning
In just a blink of an eye for and eye

She had a passion for family
She calls for mom in the night
A one way ticket to freedom
Would do her just right
Do her just right

The water pours on through
Into the atmosphere
The ball then floats back to a river
Of your younger years
No matter how she tries
The dream is never realized

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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