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That new shit, Big Duke verses, Kurupt
We on that aqua dookey bangin', heavy metal warfare x2
On the bitch, the black and the brown, bitch

We on that aqua dookey bangin', heavy metal warfare
Internal bleedin' left on the seamen
Repent is murder vidual for individual
They never learn off of the past mistakes, so they kill folk
Airplanes crashin', boats gettin' dabbed
The pirates and the sharks in the water in the back
Cause the hood need me, where everybody's at
Where no busters leave without gettin' back

We at the hood barbecue, where you niggas at?
I'm valid, my life's all about being silent x2
Claimin' you a boss, you get tossed like salad x2
Bitch niggas bound to get banged daily

I feel like I walk on the moon in June
Sometimes these niggas is just like harpoons
The gargantua's loose, heartless
On edge, the horseman is headless
Please, shell spread just like a disease
I went thru these niggas hoods like Hercules
Before burnt, the niggas turnt like ?
Next move that you make will be your last
Next time you talk shit, that will be your ass
Man it's so crazy just how time pass
And how my kids grew up so fast
And everywhere I look it's like I'm writing a book
New chapters created everywhere that I look
Every stare at a cop got a card to Hitchcock
Playn with the python and chuckle chess walk
Squeeze, squeeze, octopus

Date Added: 2014-04-17
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