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OG Gas

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
2015 Porsche Panamera
30 pounds of OG Gas bags
Riding in that Rari, yeah my pants sag
In a briefcase yeah that's a hundred bands
All I need is OG Gas, all i need is OG Gas
In a trap spot I got OG Gas, OG Gas, OG Gas

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Money bag, I'm getting guap
I done got a 2015 off the lot
Bruh, see me pulled up in a new drop
Bruh, see me in the kitchen whipping in the pot
100k, solid gold AP
30 thousand, Rolex diamonds 3d
Diamonds they dancing
Trap out the mansion
I pull up in Phantom
I know that the Feds they be watchin'
They snapping my bitch, they on cameras


[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Money bag, they already know
Foreign whips with my cribs, that's marble floors
More money, more problems
Sitting in a mansion and I'm watching shottas
White Bentley, white diamonds with the gold bottles
In that foreign whip going full throttle
Turned the traphouse into millions of dollars
Christian Louboutins and Balenciagas


[Verse 3: Rich The Kid]
Go crazy in the coupe that's 2015
Soulja he sipping on pints of the lean
I got the pounds, your bitch in the kitchen, she bustin'em down
Came up, I was trapping out the mailbox
How the fuck you buy a rollie, but it tick~ tock?
Audemar, 50 thousand for the wrist watch
I got real deal gas, come in big blocks
Hundred bands ain't shit to a rich nigga
In a rarri and I still got your bitch with me
Smashing your ho and I pass her to Flippa
I got the gas like a swisher
100 thou on the MCM bag
On the lean and I hope I don't crash
Trapping and wrapping, I'm moving the gas
Young Nigga, I live for the cash


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