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Oh Boy Part 4

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Been in the feds throwing niggas from the top tier
Just bought another carbon before i get here
These niggas starvin my partner got popped here
They get away with alot of sucker shit but not here
50 grams of [?] at the titty bar
I thought they got it out the car and and get in all
Young nigga bang the needle then hit the raw
Its in his blood i was locked up with the nigga paul
Muzzle on the barrel shoot that bitch side on
Fuck the other side and everybody dieing for em
You shoulda seen how his grandmama cried for him
Sitting in the front row beside her like i ain't know
Im all over [?] with them big toys
Up and down seven miles since a lil child
Still roll with all them choppas [?]
A d boy in the d going buckwild

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