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One Foot In The Door

Hows the next artist that you say its coming out? Just on the scene
I dont know man, theres a couple of people that got a shot
See, I have a shot, he has a lil shot, li Wayne have a shot, Fabulousth had a shot
Theres a lot of people
Someone that we never heard of em
Ooh, I dont know, ooh maybe Cybon, the kid, Cybon

Cops still gonna bang by my soul
Well a couple hundred thousand, say Illuminati
For a couple chain, well watch
Not nigga Im sigh ball haa
They said man, never upside down
How are they to make up a couple bang and ?
Is what I gotta do for you people cuz gota see it
Why sould I gte shot on my back and be cheated?
We dead and probabl believe t, put this cash for believe it
Im breathing, I dont win and no hanging now
Said great coause into change and ?
But then I drop thirty minute in the lain
It woudnt be in clacking and it woulda not be disrespect
And no disrespect, every body had it all and ?
I got the girl and I got disrespect
Fucking will serve and get no ?
At the duzine couple duzines and flure
Pimping in the drop ten, right behind the ?
And from the big had it on
No sound here play, I in fucking with playin
But its a lot of name that can lay and not ?
Niggas out of the framem bang list?
This ain;t no Ipod babe
Just for the niggas how hand eye top fase
This for the niggas with eye top greens
Well they will shelt tops and niggas ?
And get cause for the way, drop and top for the ?
You do to the day forty great and starving to the ?
Yeah but told I was nothing til they day was on zone
Shut on club, gun fire, ?
Couple nigga was targast, coulle was just straight
Non sense selling cope days and they ?
Now our day they go for the cope that on way, size on the mela way
You aint got the grama so go ahead and ? is insanity
You need to examen me, take a closer look and ?
Get the valey in the crope, go cook
Take a look to the hop that I put, two albums
To mix tapes and the wop, amid only got one foot in the door
But I fully a many ? one more
I am just such sure and I am so close to the war
But I only got one foot
You should get suck screen
I got one foot on the door
Yeah you got in this spread position at one night and be so
And the pass an dthe tone, and the money marathon
You ready, thats what it is
You know you cant run bitch you so humble it
So Ill be out there just waiting for you
Lets go you know is something bout that main bitch
Got some new small support
With all your gun, remorses ?
Cuz we ball so sun and thats the type of shit that we ball with that ?
Now lied it up so I can ball with your sense
I need to rhyme before the balley get all sense
All get tht cash and get all shit with all that you ?
No body can take this over and you ?
Im so egual and try it whole lot of ?
Nigga, yall get caught on ? shut media, I aint that kind of thought nigga
Imma split it up nigga
When you all set above, Imm get a ball nigga
Too much shit will be genetical jay me
And C dont get a fuck like forgetin the pain
These nigga funny, or vulling just ? and thats a new act of rappers in the debating laine
This nigga dead man, I swear to God they be dead
Sweat to God its all you problems man
I aint holding back no more this motherfuckers man
Shout up the legendary BD cacy nigga
Brocklins on, motherfucker nig daddy play, DJ premiere, I got one foot on the door
We aint take this out of here but get right here babe
Hip hop niga, dont get lost and get souls
It cause to beat again
Get you a new God
You dont understand, stop trying
Dont get lost in the city , it cause to be the man
Get you a new of God
You dont understand stop tryin son

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