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One Last Time

"When she picked up the telephone
His voice came on the line
She said this can't be happening
And tears fell from her eyes
She said 'What am I supposed to do
I can't handle losing you?'
He said 'I just had to call and say goodbye
One last time'

He said 'There are some things in this life
That are out of our control
Like who we fall in love with
And when it's time to go'

She said 'What about the plans we had'
He said 'This connection's gettin' bad
Now, c'mon baby let me hear you smile
One last time'

She started to apologize for
All the things that she'd done wrong
She said 'I would've loved you better
If only I'd known'

He said 'You were the perfect wife
Promise me you'll gon on with your life'
She says 'The boys won't understand'
He says 'Tell them Daddy loves them and Be strong'

He said 'Hon, I've gotta go'
She said 'Don't you dare hang up
There's so many things I need to say
I love you so (much)"

It was almost like she felt him leave
She cried out 'Can you still hear me'
She fell down on the kitchen floor
The signal died
As the pilot tried to pull out of the dive
One Last Time.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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