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One More Year

Do you remember we were standing here a year ago?
Our minds were racing and time went slow
If there was trouble in the world we didn`t knowIf we had a care, it didn`t show
But now I worry our horizon`s bear nothing new
`Cause I get this feeling and maybe you get it, too
We`re on a rollercoaster stuck on its loop-de-loop
`Cause what we did one day on a whim
Has slowly become all we do

I never wanted any other way to spend our lives
I know we promised we`d be doing this `til we die
And now I fear we might
Oh, now I fear we might

But it`s okay, I think there`s a way
Why don`t we just say one more year?
(One more year)
Not worrying if I get the right amount of sleep
(One more year)
Not caring if we do the same thing every week
(One more year)
Of living like I`m only living for me
(One more year)
Of never talking about where we`re gonna be
(One more year)
One more year
Of living like the free spirit I wanna be

We got a whole year
(One more year) Fifty-two weeks
Seven days each
(One more year) Four seasons, one reason
One way, one year
(One more year)
One year, one year
From today (From today)
From today (From today)

I never wanted any other way to spend our lives
Now one of these is gonna be the last for all time

For all time

One more year

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