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One Thug

(Z-Ro talking)
This is dedicated to the motherfuckers
That think we don't go through shit, just one thug baby

[Chorus - 2x]
One thug, one thug, lord showing love and mercy on one thug
Cause one slug, one slug, you know it only takes just one

Now if I die tonight, would you cry for me, would you get high for me
And if you know who did the deed would you ride for me
Or did you squeeze the shot, jealous cause
I put my hustle to the fullest making it hard for you to bleed the block
That's what my father told me
Take care of your business nigga but don't rush it move slowly
Undercover with a birds eyes view, behind glass that's tinted
No licensee plates and expired ain't no telling who's in it
When you get paid, get another piece, tell me what you gone do
When all them niggas you've been capping on get to capping on you
Would you cry like a bitch, run up in yourself like a man
Or call on jesus when you see that warm blood on your hands
If the sun ain't shining, you better try to keep breathing
You won't make it to haven today, you just gone burn and bleed
But if you a soldier, who gone fuck around with you if you mobbing with
Either making weight your coupe could be a range rover

[Chorus - 2x]

I'm addicted to sherm, all my problems got me chasing a high
But I don't cry, since mama lift me I've been waiting to die
Looking at my partners when they talk to me, I laugh to myself
Fake ass handshakes I know they tend to be bad to my health
I was a nigga that was down to ride, and I guaranteed
The enemy layed it down to die ran out of ammo before he reloaded
I thought my nigga do it for me
The nigga that shot me ain't the killer he was suppose to be, I'm still here
I know your name and your face, and where you lay
I know where your daughter and your baby mama stay
Is it a good thing to die, and my reply is automatic
Keep your plexing to yourself cause static
Could turn into motherfuckers havoc
Jesus I don't know who to trust
But give me a choice between real and fake I'm gone know who to bust
Lord have mercy on me, cause I'm gone always sleep
If I can't find him and his family fin to feel me

[Chorus - 2x]

The world as I'm seeing soaked, I'm 23 years old and I've been broke
And I would rather conversate with killers than kin folk
Cause If I know the location of murder I can vacate
But I'm still down for my pistol like a playmate
Nigga even my girlfriend don't understand
Baby don't you realize I'm homeless
I'm homeless when it's raining and thundering
I'm about to take my own life but I'm not able to self destruct
But for the right price I'll pull the ak off the shelf and I'll bust
And if you wonder why my pants sag, I keep my pistol in my pocket
Cause motherfuckers want to see me take my last dance
But they can't catch rather I'm breathing or dead
And they can't stop me from reaching people, put me in the fed
Guaranteed, I'ma be smoking weed, pacing myself
Without a change in my schedule steady chasing my mail
Until my life is at the finish with no more breath in my lungs
I'ma put these bitch made niggas to rest not last in the sun

[Chorus - 4x]

(Z-Ro talking in the background of the chorus)
How many motherfucking times I got to tell you niggas
Y'all can't fuck around with us, it's the year two motherfucking triple o
It's a new motherfucking millennium, you niggas can't fuck with us
I know god damn well you niggas can't fuck with me
I know god damn well you niggas fuck with my nigga C-Nile nigga
Fuck y'all straight up, thugs in the motherfucking streets
Going platinum on motherfucking c.d.'s and l.p.s
Nigga we don't push ki's nigga, we push motherfucking forward cars
Up the god damn block, knowI'msaying, going platinum and gold
Dollars gone fold, my nigga Dirty did the track
Ain't no motherfucking turning back
We had to pull no motherfucking return nigga, we going platinum
You niggas could kiss our motherfucking ass, knowI'msaying
Den-Den, Jay-Jay, Straight Profit, I appreciate the love
And it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on
Till the motherfucking break of dawn Z-Ro, S.U.C.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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