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Outta Ya Mind

[Verse 1]
13 years old
I lost my control
2 seconds away from losing my soul
Gladiator school paid off heated like radiators
Lay flaccid off tha acid murderous alligator
Lose all, truces are off everything’s active
Just like the lanes nobody’s gettin passed us
Stampede and spit I spit like spitting cobras
You thought my reign was ova silly a you
Affiliate two switches a optimal some a that fresh red homegrown good body and soul
Architect, I design a mental design an entire pattern
And blueprint the temple of the mind
Savagery, savagely I enter your mind
Everything goes for sale you see the clearance sign
If you don’t escape now then ya outta time
Silly ass nigga get you blown outta ya mind

Outta Ya mind (x2)
Look for the signs, signs that you just can’t find
Outta Ya mind (x2)
Wasted time, waste yours nigga don’t waste mine
Outta Ya mind (x2)
Out on the line, shells get pulled outta ya spine
Outta Ya mind (x3)
Nigga you must be Outta Ya mind

[Verse 2]
When you mumble I can hear you
You think I see
I get cut you bleed but it’s different for me
Specific characteristics, artistic linguistics, manifestation of scriptures
Oozing paint the walls like pictures
I leave you out on the road I push the heat for weeks
With beefs get squashed like toads
Take it from mean, no I mean literally
Take it from me anything and take 3 when you leave
Just take this with ya, I paint anotha picha
Let me spit another scripture, music vocal disease
Cause once this in your system and you’re trapped again
Start leaping off the buildings like they happening
I’m the Drake crusader, caz I’m drake with jane
You the cape crusader lame and chasing dames
With ya cape on swinging bottle pop bring em to the spot
Body shop watch bottle top bringin
Get mobbed, droped, droped, droped, droped
Get mobbed
Ya outta ya mind

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