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I've been lonely
Ive Been Waiting For You,
I'm pretending
And thats all i can do
The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart
( I hope you hear me)

Pain, Since I've lost you I'm lost too
Nigga feeling like he at the bottom like a horse shoe
Sorry for all the trouble that I put you and your heart throught
God Knows that I would do anything for a part two
Ought two Be Praying for the day you come back to me saying you forgive me
Give me another chance im needing it like a kidney
I dont wanna advance, Gimme back her hands
Gimme back her touch
I dont ask for much
But I fucked up
I know I fucked up
I admit i fucked up
But everybody fuck up
Now this otha nigga lucked up
Telling me and my clic dont give a fuck

Cause we from new orleans
She was from georgia
She was my down chick
I was her soldier
I was a gangsta
She was my shoulder
You were the pistol to my holster BANG!

Never letting it show
Always trying
To keep it under control
You got it now
And your well on your way to the top
But theres something you forgot!
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You forgot about the house,
You forgot about the ring,
I remember everything,
I just wanna hear you sing,
I remember the love, right after the fights
You cant tell me you dont remember those nights
And if I would cry, then you would cry twice
To me you are the brightest star under sunlight
See take away my title, take away my strength, you gimmie back my girl, then you gimmie back my life
Gimmie back my girl, then you gimmie back my life
She this is just a nightmare so ill blink twice
Open up my eyes hoping she will be in my sight
I remember the times I wish I can bring it back
What she means to me is what I mean to rap

Never letting it show
Always trying
To keep it under control
You got it now
And well on your way to the top

But I hope you havent forgot me up in the livin room
Watchin sport center you were cookin dinner
I was such a sinner but the lords a forgiver
You know they say if you pray you can get your blessins ordered and delivered
And your boyfriend is not like me,
Ma you even went and got a teardrop like me
I remember we would sit at home all day
You call me butter I called you babe
My momma asked about you my partners did too
I know your daughter will be so amazing like you
And I know you probally wished you never met me
And I just wish you never forget me and let me say please dont worry about the women ive been with no engement could amount to your friendship
And I hope that nigga know he got a queen and all I can do is dream. DAMN!
I've been lonley
Ive been wanting
Ive Been Waiting For You,
Im pretending
And thats all I can do
The love im sending aint making it throught to your heart

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