Def Leppard - Personal Property Lyrics

Personal Property

(SONGWRITERS: Collen-Elliott-Lange-Savage)
She's a gold-plated lover
Twenty-four carat cool
She can walk on water
She can walk in my room
She's a one man woman
and it's a one man race
She's got a kiss like fire
She burns the lips right off my face
It's finder's keepers
Loser's gonna weep
She's personal, property
Sealed 'n' stamped
Money in the bank
She's private
For my eyes only
She's personal property
Personal property
Personal service, personal touch
Exclusively mine, thank you so much
She's a heart stoppin', brain thuddin'
Blood pumpin', knee tremblin'
Spine crushin', tongue tyin'
Personal property
And she belongs to me
She won't fall for nothin'
She's much more than cute
Don't mind y' window shoppin', that's all right
But you ain't gonna taste
My forbidden fruit
Adios, au revoir,
Wiedersehen, goodbye
She's personal property
Off limits, out of bounds
Under lock 'n' key
For my eyes only
(repeat CHORUS(except last two lines)
She's mine, yeah
Now I don't mind you guys checkin' her out
You can whistle like a wolf
Or you can mess around
But let me tell you the secret
Of the sweet life
If you wanna stay healthy, man
Take my advice
You better kit the road, Jack
And don't come back!
You could be king of the jungle
Or you could swing in the rain
But she don't need no monkey, not my babe
'Cos I'm her Tarzan and she's my Jane
(repeat CHORUS)
And she's mine
She belongs to me
Def Leppard Personal Property

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