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Pimp Of The Year

Eh-heh, eh-heh eh-heh, ay
Eh-heh.. huh.. ay
This is the pimp of the year
I want I want to tell y'all a story, about this ho (yes)
Her name was Janine
Heh, she thought she was all that, but y'all know what time it is
Hah, I put her to work

Bust it
One Friday night I was chillin at a party (doin what?)
Feelin smooth, drinkin Coke and Bacardi
I seen her on the scene, lookin lean
This beauty queen - her name? Janine
I was about to push up but before I can think
she looked my way and then she flashed a wink (blink)
I started to think, this crazy side
(Heh, pimp daddy knockin out them boots tonight!)
Oh yes, she was very well dressed
I asked her her name, and she said yes
I said, "Umm let me see, now is it Vanessa?"
She said, "Janine, but Chocolate fits better"
Chocolate?! How'd you like to waste some time
With no hesitation she replied with, "Fine"
Huh, the first thing that came to mind was
(Heh, eh-heh) that fat ass is mine! (YEAH)
So off we went, back to the crib
The question arose, how do I live?
I said, "Yo, I'm not the mouse or the wimp
To make it clear, I'm the pimp of the year" (pimp of the year)
She said, "Please - look how you're dressed
Tell me what seperates you from the rest"
I said yo..

Yo look baby, I'm what you call a A.P.P.
An All Purpose Pimp, haha
Cause I'll pimp yo' momma, your sister
And I'll even take G.P. - that's granny panties, haha!

She was fascinated, she wanted to work
I said, "Okay but eighty-six the skirt" (take it off!)
And guide your tongue, from my crack to my feet (gon' be funky)
Then.. (hah, yeah, eh-heh) you'll be ready for the streets
Down came the skirt, before I can guess
Off went the blouse and the bra was next (what?)
I was impressed but I must confess

Hey yo Tone, that bitch had CARAZZY hair on her chest
"Heavens to Merkatroid!"
Hahaha, ahahahaha

I shaved her down, so the story goes
Put her to work as one of my hoes (one of my hoes)
The moral of the story is girls beware
Cause lurkin in your neighborhood (is who?) is the pimp of the year

Heh, aheheh, yo, ah-he, yo heh
Yo this the pimp of the year, ha ha
I wanna tell y'all, I wanna tell all y'all hoes out there
beware of me, ha ha, you know
Cause, I'm in your bedroom, eh-heh
Heh, I'm in your closet, eh-hah-hah
Ay, I'm even in the skins baby, ah-hah
Ay, ah-hah, matter of fact, eh-heh, yo
Get up off your knees ho, ah-ha, you know what?

{*words fade out*}
D-nice Pimp Of The Year

Date Added: 2007-12-25
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