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To Tha Rescue

(Let's go)


To the rescue, Nice, to the rescue! (4x)

[ VERSE 1 ]
Well, it's about that time for the hyper one to react
But in fact, get back, cause I got the sudden impact
And I get hot like a sunny day
So the man D-Nice ain't the one to play
Cause I remember the one who tried to carry on
Stepped up and got ran like a marathon
Cause he thought he was able
And got served with the 'Crumbs On The Table'
Cause I'm the type wihthout Vanilla hype
I rush into the night and snuff you with a pipe
That's right, so rappers with lip
When I flip, you might just catch a Mac-10 clip
Cause I've had it up to here with the nonsense
Swingin with this you get dissed
Cause yo, my mouth is like a loaded Tec-9
For those that try to take mine


(Let me tell you)
(Let me tell you something)

[ VERSE 2 ]
Now guess what I heard: a brother can't flow
That is a no, no, no, cause I flow just like a all-pro
So now I'm ready to go, cause I'm open now
Competition that's dissin gets broken down
So just sit down, clown, or I'm smackin ya
Cause I'm rough, yet smooth as an Acura
So capture my stature and rapture
And I'll never ask you to praise me like a statue
Just dig into the music that I threw down
And now you know who to call for a new sound
Cause I sat back and watched some get laughed at
Tryin to get live with weak raps and a half-track
But here's a piece of the whole pie
So grab your mic and give it a bold try
You try to step up, remember I stepped through
For those that get stuck, it's Nice to the rescue
(To the rescue, Nice)
I burn rappers till they turn to dust
So all competition better catch the bus
Or get crushed and ate like food, boy
That's the outcome messin around with the rudeboy

(D is back, D is cool)


Check it out
I wanna give a strong 'wussup'
To my man McBoo chillin on the boards with Barbara
I got my man Skeff in the house
My man Ty
Right here standin next to me I got my man E-Marvelous
We got Lil' Low in the house
J-Boss, my man Tone
40th Street Black in the house
You know what I'm sayin?
I wanna say what's up to everybody out there in the world today
And I'm outta here
So if you ever need somebody to get rid of the suckers...
You know who to call
D-nice To Tha Rescue

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D-nice To tha Rescue Album Lyrics
To tha Rescue
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