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Pimp Shit

[Chorus 2x]
Pimp shit, pimp shit, comin’ at you
Straight from the Crest, hoe, I thought you knew
Pimp shit, pimp shit is all we know
First we break ‘em, shake ‘em, then we pimps a hoe

[Verse 1: Ray Luv]
Pimps up, hoes down, pumps in the trunk
Here’s a twist that ya missed with a kiss of the funk
It’s the R the A the Y the L the U-V
Pursue me, wanna do me, but I don’t need a hoochie (hell nah)
Crooked little weasel, layin’ in wait for a shot
To get a young nigga for what he’s got
Take it from me and Mac Mall, huh
Peep a little game from a Rose-town baller
Man, them hoes in the Rose tryna grab some
And soak a little game, bitch, you can’t have none
And I ain’t workin’ for nobody else, bitch
I can be broke by my goddamn self, bitch
To my young homies out there stackin’ a grip
Let them hoes know in the 9-trey it’s the pimp shit

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2: Khayree]
You’re fiendin’ for the shit, hoe, I knew it
Macked on a rich white bitch and now she’s hoein’
Shit, I’m never slackin’ when I’m mackin’ ‘cause I’m deep
Grindin’ with the playas from the C-R-E-S-T
This is for my niggas and the hustlers in the hood
Lace a hoe wit’ game, mayne, you know it’s all good (it’s all good)
My cuddie Mac Dre is doin’ time, yo (that’s alright)
But the feds can’t fade a young nigga, yo
Niggas on my dick like hoes, mayne (just like a bitch)
Khayree this, Khayree that, you best’a peep some game
Rollers get hot, they can’t fade this
Romped out, Crew Thang and the SES, bitch
Zap it in the cut and hit the joint, fool
The Erk-n-Jerk is doin’ work and this indo’s cool
And when I pimp this hoe, it’ll be a white hoe
Film the bitch on my dick and show her daddy doe
I kept this pimpin’ playa shit simple, mayne
Like my cuddie Wax say soak some dope, mayne
Nathan but that…


[Verse 3: Mac Dre]
Pimpin’, and never would I be simpin’
Pockets so fat the muthafuckas got me limpin’
‘Cause the bitches wanna kick me down, lick me down
And all they say is ‘Would you dick me down?’
Straight shots with some sex and a dinner date
Fuckin’ wit’ Mac Dre, girl, you know you finna wait
And wait, bitch, until it’s yo’ turn
And get yo’ ass on the track and show me how a hoe earns
Pimp shit, baby, comin’ straight from the Crest
The M the A the C the D the R the muthafuckin’ E
Poppin’ the most, poppin’ the most, suckas can’t fuck wit’ me
A young playa and you know that’s right
Got these bitches on my tip like lips on a glass pipe
It’s like that on a savage stack pay
Straight pimp shit when ya fuckin’ wit’ Mac Dre


[Verse 4: Mac Mall]
Call me dopest, not the dopest muthafucka who ever wrote this type of shit
You trip ‘cause it’s similar to the hit
Of the yay, yayo, I’m the ruthless rap pro
In ’93, you gots to see, ’92, they didn’t know
About the ruthless adolescent, the youngsta that’s sessin’
I used to crease my khakis, now it’s records that I’m pressin’
You wasn’t, expectin’, the way the youngsta kicked the shit
Some be playa hatin’, but all'a y’all can get the dick
Fool, I’m a soldier, could never be like the other
SES is my crew, my label is Young Black Brotha
Always on the under, I strike it in a Chevrolet
Serious about my sessin’, tryna get paid
But niggas try to fade but it seems like they fear me
This is straight from Mall, fuck y’all, sincerely
Pimp shit


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