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Poppin Them Bottles

Now ever since I could remember I been poppin them bottles
Pop, poppin them bottles, pop, poppin them bottles
Now ever since I could remember I been smokin that dro
With my motherfucking pistol in my hand

[Lil Wayne]
When it comes to the bread, I got the keys to the bakery
These niggas out here trippin, sellin ki's to them agencies
My bitch keep saying that the judge got a date for me
I tell the silly bitch and ya honor, they can wait for me
I'm gone in the coupe with the roof steady chasing me
Shine so hard like the fucking sun facing me, basically
Take it how you take it, I be making you be hating me
Loving me but hating me, ho you got to pay for me
Riding in the big boys, sitting on them grown folks
Every time I park, it's a motherfucking car show
I guess I'm the number one Lakers fan
Yellow bottle, yellow bottle, purple bag, purple bag

[Hook] {X2}

Well they know me as the Curren$y, but some call me the Hot Spitta
Sittin in the Chevy on three wheels like a tricycle
Always been a fly nigga since I was a little one
Bottle pop like the NBA finals is what we won
I puff a lot of blunts with my nigga Weezy B
One night I was so high I thought that I forgot how to read
Young Money fly boys, mami, weed a different breed
Throwing parties at secret locations somewhere on the beach
We off in Prive, Patron shots for the models
And send a bottle of that Cris' up to the DJ
I live by these rules, only money over bitches
And it been like that ever since I could remember

[Hook] {X2}

[Mack Maine]
I just copped me some purp, I'm bout to open up
I put my heart in my prices, see I'mma show you love
See I front you an ounce to get you started clown
And you ain't got to go to Mickie D's for quarter pounds
I be in A-Town, livin' la vida la loca
Throwin that money on chichas, spendin' a stack up in Strokers
Yes I'm an animal, to be frank I'm a dog
If it's that time of the month, baby girl I need some skull
Some mouth and lip service, that'd be perfect
You saw the rims on the Benz and you got nervous
But I'm a G, yep
I pop my collar, hop in Impalas
Ride for the dollars, hit the club
Go straight to the bar and pop my bottles


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