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[Lil Wayne]
she got that good good
she Michael Jackson bad
i'm adtract to her with her adtract ass x2

[Lil Wayne]
she a monster,I’m her sponsor she run through my head, Chris Johnson
I’ma tackle her, get in back of her
buss it open suck that p-ssy like a the dracula
what your man doing, tell her fall back
throw that p-ssy at me, baseball bat
i kiss her where she point
I make her lose her voice,
I see her when I want, call that viewers choice
number 1 lover, she want none other don't need another one when we got one another
I take her out then I taker down
I beated it up 12 rounds

[Lil Twist]
she got that good good x4
[Lil Wayne]
she michael jackson bad and I'm adtracted to her with her adtracted ass
[Lil Twist]
ok Im watchin u babe and thinkin about all the things that i can do babe on top of the world when I'm on top of you babe, spend the night with me and get popular babe, popular babe x2

[Lil Wayne]
she a monster but I'm a beast tho take her clothes off with my teeth tho
I beat slow or I can hit it fast i do it how she ask and i come last
I bust her ass
We torn it down
Then i got to split lik James Brown it all luv i come back around and if she back it up then I back it down
Tell me something is you ready for me babe take this beast up out my pants and let you pet it for me babe
my dick on profess cluch jump on this Eddie for me babe and when you fuck with me they give you credit for it babe yea.


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