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[Hook: Z-Ro (Kirko Bangz)]
If I can see that porcupine girl you need to shave
So before you raise up your pants where is your razer blade
(A pimp say a bald head pussy ain't shit
Got some razor bumps on it grow some hair you legit)

[Verse 1]
Shit, girl if ya want a nigga like me, you gon' have to cut it down, cut it down til its realo
This for my nigga Rozay, but I'm right here, but I'm right here okay I can take your ass real slow
I can make the pussy zip ho
But I don't wanna see the razer bumps on it when its real low
Keep your hat don't trip ho
I got a season for your ass don't cook just clip ho
I'm feeling like a young pimp
But the whip need tent
Baby I ain't tryna see in through your window
I can hit it from the back and the back of my legs so hard that your Porsche crack the window
Tell me how you wanna do it, I can do it myself, or you can help yourselves that's a insult
I'm like bitch you tripping, it ain't make no difference
I ain't bout the [?] you a strip doe
That's what you tell a dude
(I don't like it with a lot of hair what about you)
I like a pussy with a little hair, over ball head with a little ass
Like hell yeah keep a little hair
Get some [?] grease and a doo rag
And a little brush for that little bush
I ain't fucking around with that [?]

[Bridge: Z-Ro]
Young Kirko your just like me you love big feet
But I don't wanna [?] hope she got a [?]
Look I ain't tripping I just don't want that rough shit against me
Or maybe just a little bit mane I hope she ain't think I'm kissing that thang


[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
I love me some you, when you spend time with me
But could you please chop down that bush and know what I'm tryna see
If its bout that pussy you might that's where I'm tryna be
Got so much hair down there that even the blind could see
Baby, I think ya need to get some magic shavwe
Cuz I don't need that Brillo pad in my way when it's time to tap it mane
What I'ma do it to you they gonna need yellow tape its gon' be tragic mane
And when I'm done I'm gon' need about 15 towels to soak up the mattress stain
Damn right I'm a monster baby, it ain't even halloween
You wanna dance on my stripper pole then get your ass up out of your jean
Put it on yo ass fast like cocaine or slow like a couple codeine
Some head and some mouth on the bed or the couch, yeah, that's all I'm gon' need
Gimme to it baby I ain't got all night
Just open yo pussy lips and ita be be aight
I heard you was a plumber unclog this pipe
But I don't love ya, I'm a dog for life
Look what I'm saying is, girl, i'm a Black & Decker: my dick got a drill with it...
I love ball head pussy but if yo shit bushy I'm still gon' deal with it

[Hook x2]

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