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Portrait of a Death Rapper

(Hook x2)
His portrait hanging, face betraying, wicked gleaming, eyes of Satan

(Necro - verse 1)
Let's get it percolatin' like the church of Satan
Or Berkowitz waiting to shred you like Kirk on Damage Incorporated
Leave you bandaged like the character
Pushead created, sedated like a dusthead, it's Necro, i hustled and made it
Slice your face like the Nike swoosh, spittin' violent haikus
Like the Yakuza bruising you through Wushu like Bruce
My sharp box cutters make you look like Carcass covers
I'm an emperor like Marcus Aurelius, barking orders
Like Joe Clark holding a Louisville Slugger, watching you in the dark, like narcs undercover, parked
I'm the darkest discovered, creating art grotesque like Quark Express
We're motherfuckers that fuck mothers
Leave my cock stuffed in her crotch good
Rob you like Foxwoods, buck you like 2Pac would
In the cut like peroxide, or vodka applied on the eyes of a boxer bludgeoned
You're a dead faggot like Rock Hudson, the portrait

(Hook x2)
His portrait hanging, face betraying, wicked gleaming, eyes of Satan

(Necro - verse 2)
You turn from pretty, to pretty gross, to shitty smelling when decomposed
Hold ya nose from comatose to a ghost
Like Glenn Close, if you look like her don't come close
No one comes closer to being a corpse than Anna Nicole
The nature of death sneaks up on you like ATF
Take a breath, might be the last one left
If i hate you, i'll fling you off a skyscraper
Scraped off the pavement, disintegrate ya like the laser in a light saber
You'll hit the street like a movie dummy, you dummy
Now you're a non-moving mummy, with a removable tummy
Snuff you like Chavez, like volcano lava, burnin' ya vena cava, you cadaver
Gore like Mario Bava
Chained and gagged,maimed and dragged
Cops zipping up the remains in a bag, the brains of a fag
Your whole physical entangled in chunks of metal like a wire, my lyrics will mangle your Kangol

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