Babyface - Power of The Dream Lyrics

Power of The Dream

Power of the dreamWritten by david foster, babyface, linda thompson (1996)Performed by celine dionDeep within each heartThere lies a magic sparkThat lights the fire of our imaginationAnd since the dawn of manThe strength of just "i can"Has brought together people of all nationsThere's nothing ordinary in the living of each dayThere's a special part of every one of us we'll play[1] feel the flame forever burnTeaching lessons we must learnTo bring us closer to the power of the dreamAs the world gives us it's bestTo stand apart from all the restIt is the power of the dream that brings us hereYour mind will take you farThe rest is just your heartYou'll find your fate is all your own creationAnd every boy and girlAs they come into this world[Power of The Dream lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]They bring the gift of hope and inspirationHook [1][2] the world unites in hope and peaceWe pray that it will always beIt is the power of your dream that brings us hereThere's so much strength in my voiceEvery woman child and manIt's the moment that you think you can'tYou'll discover that you canHook [1]Hook [2]Hook [1]Hook [2]The power of the dreamThe faith in things unseenThe courage to embrace your fearNo matter where you areTo reach for your own starTo realize the power of the dreamTo realize the power of the dream

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