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Practice Being Godly

Have you seen those fit and healthy guys
Always doing their exercise?
Well it's better to work for a heavenly prize
And practice being Godly

Never give up, make it your aim
To practice being Godly
If you've been forgiven in Jesus' name
You gotta practice being Godly
He paid the price for all our sin
His Holy Spirit dwells within
So centre all you do on him
Practice being Godly

You could lift big weights
You could swim or run
Train everyday to be number one
But it's better to train
For the life to come
Practice being Godly

You gotta walk with the Lord
Whereever you go
Whatever you're doing, He will know

Say "YES" to God
To sin say NO!
And practice being Godly

You gotta practice being Godly
Practice being Godly

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