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Prayers to the Trap God

Heart beatin`, my mind racin` up
You can hear the screams and sirens in the cut
How did the trap fold up?See a copper, gotta drop him
That`s why I got the .9 in my pocket for
Got the drop before he kickin` down the door
For some Christian Dior, we was `bout to send
A hunnid packs through your neighborhood

If it get trapped, I knew my baby would
I never knew I would have to face the music
I know they gon` bum rush us
We gotta keep on movin`, I got introduced to
Slangin` and I keep on choosin` it
I see the helicopters movin` in
I thought if you took a loss, you just lose to win
Crawlin` on the floor, tryna get to the door
Flush it down the toilet `fore
They get me with the four

They did a whole sweep, couldn`t even go to sleep
A lot of my family members got got
My uncle looked the police in his eyes and he got shot

Tell me how that make you feel, fake or real?
I`m about to chase a bil`, fuck a mil`, yeah
She wanna ride my dick like a stallion
She just wanna pop a X like Malcolm

I got family that`s addicts, I got family that`s drug dealers
I got family that`s murderers, I got family that love niggas
And family important, you just gotta embrace it
Like your dope could be potent
It just depend what you make it with

I was watchin` Family Guy when the police raided
A trap full of drug an` ass suits, that shit was crazy
Damn, how I`ma have my baby?
If I`m stuck in the fence at 19 with 25 in a day
You only eatin` three times a day
You gotta save up, put a rock on her finger
That`s the only time she gon` stay

I`ve been tryna pray to the trap god
Hope he listen (yeah, yeah)
I`ve been tryna pray to the trap god
Hopin` wasn`t no witnesses

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