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Punk Rock Academy

when a thought popped into my head
if all of us hated high school so much
why was nothing ever changed?
so i called brian up with my plan that's red hot
a private institution in the name of punk-rock
we got some government funding & our own
private road & 666 for our radio snow code.
i had a dream when i was in high school that i
attended the punk rock academy & no one made fun
of me.
chris jensen's teaching science & he's still
running mountain.
we fired the gun from bad religion cuz he
sold punk rock out & we'll give the dirty punx a
dip & get rid of all their fleas.
and we'll never buy anything with a UPC.
we'll import a token joke & then we'll
kick his token ass & there will never ever be
a physical education class.
think about, you'll agree. it's the bizzity
bizzity bomb & maybe we can get assuck to
play the senior prom.
Atom & His Package Punk Rock Academy

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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