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[Verse 1:Kurupt]
How’d it feel when you was on top ? why’s it taking you so long to drop ?
What's up with snoop I heard he popped hes still alive he didn't die when he got shot
Im glad you got back with daz but we sure as really whooping all them niggas ass ?
Here's what they think about you the motherfucking rap gangs better off without you
I pass pain around like vouchers I lay a nigga down like comforter couches everybody's tryingsay you broke and you’s a joke nigga how you feel about that flo

[Chorus:Uncle Chucc]
I got a lot of breaths(1:3) waiting on me, wondering if I was gone go hey
How could I just go and walk away from it all when there's so many questions unanswered

[Verse 2:Kurupt]
Is it true you went bankrupt is everything with the homeboys all good? what made you want to go back and fuck a shoot
When’s the last time you been to the hood? NY really let you rise so tell me what really happened in ‘95?
Is roscoe your really bro all these questions so many answers niggas wanna know
They ask me about antro wanny mobsters was you close too with the bosses how'd you get up from the losses grand pays gays manor drought tough coghniss (
How’d you hook up with foxy how’d you meet snoop was it at the roxy ?
2Pac I can't believe you knew pac he rocks are we gonna see you on detox

[Chorus:Uncle Chucc]

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