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Rap city

Emcee's I abolish wipe 'em like shoe polish
This assemble to demolish, running through the streets
Play these fools down every day every week
What you wanna do homie why dont you speak
Spit a rhyme, I'll show you what it is I shine
Im one of a kind, you see us we fly
Always crack dimes, look at how I do what I do
Its nothing old and its nothing new, Im all true
Homie you see Daz in blue
See the White alright I got the grey too
We 'bout to show em what it is homie this is what I do
I like to break emcee's down to their knees
Please they all flee trying to mess with me and my d-o-g's
Running through the street the DPG'S
I see all these Little Girls over seas
They all on my top all on my jock
Like this was 1985 I say man what should I do?
Besides run these streets, and break them down anytime to one of the homies beats
I said come on homie, this man Kid Capri
He likes to cut the one two's and I add the Three
I like to break emcee's down everytime I can
Cause im more than anything, I got me a heater thats made of rubber just like the Michelin man
Cause ima show all you suckas what it is boy
I like to break it down, and all your noise and noise
[clears his throath] clear my throath
Cause you 'bout to get rolled on like aloid
Man this is just a gang same thang'
Come through spit the flame snatch the chain
Aw man this is the frame see ya picture of your body all broken on the ground
And everybody looking at it its all dogg pound
Gangsters to the g-a to the N to the G to the S to the T to the A
What can I say, its D-A-Z and kurupt young Gott-I
Break y'all down in an instant, dont even matter
Im coming through I break em down in minutes
You can take you a hour, I rain/reign like shower
Showing all these suckers what it is you all cowards
Im about to hit you in your chest off the west to the east
You can understand I rock it im a beast
Plus these rhymes i got is way/weigh obese
Man yeah look, this is just a peice
Got a peice got a nickel a nine
I rock it drop it no time to drop the dime
I got rhymes, take me off the mic and I will still be the best of all time
Like 15 glaciers, im huge, come with bad news
'bout to show em what it is Im rude, I got an attitude

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