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RAP Music

I’ve never had a religious experience
in a religious place
plus survive every come in the feeling Goddes
let’s make a rap music

RAP music is my religion

WHat I say might save a life,
what I speak might save street
I ain’t got no instruments
but I got my hands and feet
hands on clapping feet on..
adn the beats to make the slap
and I’m riding with my rap
and they all tight is my nap
and the .. is all I got
and this beautiful evidence skin
and the music get my heart
and the work is put in the wind
coming back like a boomerang
when I take this microphone
when is the grab start to sing

2 x Hook:
This is jazz, this is funk
This is soul, this is gospel
This is sanctified sick, this is player Pentecostal
This is church BBQ
Amen pulpit
What my people need and the opposite of bullsh*t

We the..that mudder..that change bro and that dust ..
to that ray ..that even wonder that may feel
super fly they weed the..this that blues mad
that..that outcast that sun and ..Cadillac
this that Jimmy hit that George clean
now ..leading my balls ..some mall
that..they love king they love spring
..this bitches brude that..

[2x Hook:]

I got things to do for..we in the sky
and my baby girl be their six months wave she gonna be fine
so I pray to Lord to spear me and I make it bound bound
and I help so stay out of here
would I testify
and make the win I grab that microphone and never lie
that the ..he’s spearing I won’t have the feel that..
so killers killers don’t spit that..
each and every song, each and every palm
to the good don’t call em hoe

[2x Hook:]

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