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[Verse 1: Blaze]
Bitch you's a ratchet
Twerk that ass, go on get down I wanna smash it
Get check on my casket, that's what's up
You fell in love with a dead man straight out the casket
We fuck like rabbits, I'm meant to be ?plugged?
Cause I know who gets the laughing, get it crackin'
Get it smackin' on the ass, she likes it hard and classic
And I'mma give it to her just like that
Get it poppin', drop, drop, drop it low
A little way she works on the pole, I want some more
Never disappoints, smokes the joint and hits the joint
Got a grip on that bitch, pallet on that [?]
While she playin' with the tip, give it a kiss
A [?] little pressing and she loved it
Back to bitch, get it going in the daylight
So tight, parkin' infront of the mall
Ain't no time for stage fright

[Hook: Jamie Madrox]
She got a way that she walks up and down the streets
That make heads turn
She got a wiggle in her hips and some big ass tits
And mesmerised motherfucker when she licked the lips
(Too fine for a home girl)
She ain't a runaway bitch from off the block
(Too fine for a home girl)
She ain't a runaway bitch from off the block
She's the ratchet from the hood

[Verse 2: Anybody Killa]
She's too fly for her own good, ratchet bitch
But everytime she dance, she'll be giving me wood
Finest girl in the whole hood
I [?] saved that hoe in a minute and treat her right if I could
She got a ass that won't quit when she walks
She got a dirtyness about her when she talks
She got a mean attitude with some big ol' titties
That I'm always staring at like a hawk
This bitch is always up to nothing but fucking and dick sucking
Drinkin' like an grown man and heavy with her druggin'
Pale skin cause she sleeps all day
Pajama pants on her front porch rollin' a J
Ratchet in her own way with a gangsta style
Walkin' seven mile with a forty puffin' 'em out
22 in her purse look crazy, always actin' shady
I would say she's far from a lady

[Hook: Jamie Madrox]

[Verse 3: Blaze]
Round two, ratchet bitch, thought you knew
Got to put an overtime with a dead, we ain't through
Get your mission, assume the position
Tie you up in chains and play on that fifty shades of grey
I like the way she says she likes it rough
And can't get enough
Then read her poker face and I'm goin' on a bluff
Oil ?forced? whole house, two pair we gettin' 'em
Ménage à trois with you ratchet hoes I don't play
Suck my dick till it go numb
Go dumb put a nut in each mouth and they hump
Get it misses, got a bounce up and down
Like I'm hittin' switches, gridin' on that big ass
Is working out the bitches
Love them ratchet hoes and their ?dads?
Keep the block hot, givin' up the pussy on the spot
And its gat, them ratchets kinda like a classy hood rat
Except giving you head without packing a strap

[Hook: Jamie Madrox]

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