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Red Rum

Dre -My nigga..I think we got one..


Dre- Another one..

Wayne- hahahhahaa

Dre-Theres so much of these muthafuckers..HAHAHA WEEZY!

Thats what they sayin when they hear me in the radio
thats what they sayin to me , thats what they sayin to me, thats what they tellin me! When the remys in the system aint no tellin will i fuck them will i diss em ? thats what they be yellin,im a Pimp by blood not relation, yall be chasin and ill replace them!

Wayne- UGH!

Dre-You dont need me for nothing else my nigga! Go get em!

Wayne- and I GOOOT EM! When the remys in the system aint no tellin im the spot where ima kiss em thats why they be yellin im a diamond blood, not relation,afiliation, SU WU nation, And since day one i look forward to 3,4,5 bitches in my porshe coup and yea i be in that ass in like a horse shoe if her religions true i about to visit the rule, u commin!? that what they sain when they play me and they hear me in the radio..

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