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Represent 4 The South

[Chorus: Young Jeezy (Screwed & Chopped)] [x2]I represent for the SouthMy residence is the shorecouple golds in my mouthBring my dance and my charmI'm as hot as it getI'm the youngest in chargeand ya oughta show some respectI represent for da South[Rick Ross:]I'm not a slim thug, I'm a fat mackI don't give a f**k, I'll push ya hat backStill sellin' dubs nigga, that's factYou can hit me on the cell pimp, that's thatI had to pawn my chain to grab a half ounce10 years later, time for me to cash outYou dealin' wit a dope dealin' dictatorF**k traffickin' nigga, I get the shit cateredSee the clique tailored, only the Gucci shitI f**ks wit' Damon, I'm in the movies kidMy mom reminisce on a late nightsWhen I used to reel em in wit da straight whiteNow I'm 6, 17 with a li'l BeamerFirst foreign car, far from a lil' dreamerDaddy severed his relationshipI think momma quit 'im cuz he wasn't makin shit[Chorus:][Lil' Wayne:]Money to be made best believe a nigga glockin'I run it myself like a quarterback option[Represent 4 The South lyrics on]I pitch 'er ten g's, tell a bitch to go shoppinShe buy herself some clothes and she brought me back on chopperNiggas try'na kick it but no I don't play soccerI'm all about my cake, I'm try'na marry Betty CrockerA package on the way you know my whip game properAnd off of one key, I see seventy thousand dollarsNow I was shootin dice, smokin on a jointI bet wit' Yo Gotti he hit five straight pointsWe over here hustlin, we over here grindinYou rap bout money and a nigga might sign youRap bout me and a nigga might find youBanana in ya ass wit ya head right behind yaDope game bitch, let his momma worry about himYou can holla at me, a fee![Chorus:][Young Jeezy:]Snowman bitch (bitch), need I say more (more)When you get done with these, look I got twenty more (haha)Still got blow money, cause nigga I know money (money)Now I'm on the road gettin' fifty a show moneyStill sittin' on white bricks (bricks), wrapped in duct tape (tape)30 minutes flat, I could bake a whole cakeGot a pocket full of stacks, safe full of blocksWhen they cam through, look the stones on the watchIced out belt buckle, they never had a chanceDrop sixty grand, just to hold up my pantsStill got da Chevy, spent a grip on the LamboTwelve carats in my ears just the show 'em what I stand fo' (hey!)[Chorus:]

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