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Ride or Die

[Verse 1: Mac Mall]
You down for me like four flats on a Cadillac
You got my back and I never have to question that
I could be pennyless or counting racks living fat
You’re with me, never against me, and I love you for that
I love you for this, down for me, poor or rich
Ride with me, ride for me, put in work, never quit
Cheap tricks on my tip ‘cause they see my game is thick
But my real ride or die is who I’m rocking with
Can’t slip, won’t trick, tell a buckethead bitch bounce quick
Priceless, here’s my ride or die chick
I swear my ride or die is heaven sent
My accomplice, and never D.A. with this

[Chorus 2X: Vital]
I think a lot of girls, they waste my time
But I think I found mine, my ride or die

[Verse 2: Mac Mall]
That’s my queen, I’m her king
That’s main, we a gang
Getting at the finer thangs, in life
That’s my wife, got my back, when things is trife
So at night, she keep it tight
I do it right like rain
My boo thang got that insane, say my name, say my name
Swear she the type of thang that make your whole life change
I put her up on game, she never small change
Like them lames do it for the fetti not the fame
Keep a ride or die by my side
You know that I’m winning long as you is mine
On us, I love her, last the test of time


[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
Like Clyde and Bonnie, we gon’ ride Bugatti
Keep our business to the face and don’t tell nobody
‘Cause I found mine, shine like we on Cloud 9
Without you I mighta been a chalk outline
So I got your back like a bra-strap
When I dick you down proper, you take all that
So tell them goofy ass niggas they could fall back
‘Cause they ain’t never get a comment or a call back
So I give you all mi corazon, ‘cause I know you gon’ ride for me
And we gon’ prove them haters wrong ‘cause you’re my ride to the D-I-E

[Bridge: Vital]
Is you ridin’?
Is you open?
Is you payin’?
Or is you goin’?
Is you ridin’?
Is you open?
Are you payin’?
Girl, I’m just sayin’


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