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Ro & Bun

[Hook - 2x]
When we in the club, we got guns
You don`t wanna run up, on that Z-Ro and that Bun
Shit talkers, get a hole in they tongue
Shake your hand or crack your head, boy we don`t bar none hold up

Sharp as a razor blade, bitch don`t step on my shoes
You out your mind, thinking I won`t pull out this weapon on you
Phoenix Amare gators hater, yeah I`m stepping on you
So you better have at least, a 3-57 on you
Your woman is in the club, to show me love
That`s why you mean mugging me bro, but I don`t give a fuck
Don`t let this suit fool ya, cause I was raised to grub
All that touchy-feely shit, the quickest way you get fucked up
I know you feeling real good, you full of that sherm and alcohol
But it ain`t nothing friendly about me, I am not your pal at all
Unless you Rochelle and do nails, with them thick ass thighs
Otherwise I`ma leave a cereal bowl hole, in y`all bitch ass guys

[Hook - 2x]

[Bun B]
It was the summertime, and Bun is down to mack a hoe (hoe)
You know I graduated, from my pimping class in `94
So the sco` already known, before the game is played
Trill niggaz is getting paid, bitch niggaz is getting sprayed
Layed down, like a sheet on the bed
With that heat to your head, I split you from the white meat to the red
And from the red meat to the bone, when I hit your street with the chrome
Bitch you best to beat your feet, and get gone
But if haters I find that hid (hid), and think they got away with what they did
Prepare for your bitch ass, to get slid
Put that on my mama (mama), I put on for my town
Put that thang up to yo` melon, and put your ass in the ground hol` up

[Hook - 2x]

I don`t really wanna do it take some pictures, and sign some auto-ma-graphs
Find a lil` bit of love for after the club, and put this rod on her ass
So I might be up and down your boulevard, picking up your baby mama mayn
And you already know I`m strapped, best thang for you to do save the drama mayn
I`m an asshole by nature, by my god damn self
I don`t love see war this bitch, I only love my god damn wealth
Behind respect I go to war, cause I`m a fool in this bitch
I`m ready to work I`m a mechanic, I got my tools in this bitch
From Mo City to Port Arthur, we all underground kings
Meet me in Mo City, and I`ll show you what underground mean
I got a rifle size hand cannon, gat in the club
Murder your ass tonight, tomorrow I`ll be back in the club for real

[Hook - 2x]

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