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Runnin That Check Up

Turn Up
It's Buck
Racked up I got bands on me
Bands on me
Racked up I got bands on me
I got bands on me
Ice all on my neck, I got zeros all in my check
I got bottles all in my section
This cash feeling we flexin', ball

[Verse 1]
I'm still touchin' that white girl
All of my hoes just light girls
Walkin' through the club like I might hurl
Miley Cyrus, this is my world
1500 for these Robin Jeans
4500 for this pound of green
2 Chainz gave me this pint of lean
Versace shades, you know what I've seen
I gotta gold rollie I ain't even wore yet
A Corvette I ain't even drove yet
Louis ain't even in the store yet
I betcha broke niggas didn't know that
I re-upped, I ain't ever running out
I'm racked up, I ain't ever serving ya'll
Get money, I ain't ever done without
So tell me why I don't deserve to ball

I'm just runnin' that check up (x4)
Thumbin' through the bands like this (x3)
I'm just runnin' that check up

[Verse 2]
I'm still keeping that forty on me
Fuck the feds, cause I know they want me
Thirty six O's, I hold it on me
We think we the shit, I know that don't we?
Gucci bag hanging on my bitch arm
Yo bitch she finna get palmed
My bitch rich and her whip foreign
Look at my wrist I got a brick on
I got Tom Fords I ain't even wore yet
A condo I ain't even go yet
A mansion I ain't even show yet
In case you wanna know where ya ho at
My niggas got rich while I was locked up
Game big homie get guaped up, guaped up
All of the soft got rocked up
Put bands in my hand when I popped up


[Verse 3]
Got YSL on my belt buckle
Spent about twelve on my left knuckle
"F" on my rim and that mean fuck you
Dead and all, whatever left of you
Got white remy mixed in a Pepsi bottle
A college bitch, she the next to model
Ball all night I'm a rest tomorrow
Yo baby momma she the next to swallow
I got kids I don't even know yet
A pound of kush I ain't blow yet
Some Xanax bars I ain't sold yet
Tryna find a house where I can grow at
This ace of spade, no moet
'Bout to fire this bitch where the dough at
Hey picture me ballin', it's a kodak
Tryna find a strip club to throw at

[Hook] (x2)

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