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Saks Fifth

Hey Bigga
Is bigga baby
You got that right
Well since it’s bigga
Can we get to Saks today
Of course
You know pick up that [?] shoes
Or that new spring Louie bag
Or even a Gucci bag
I'm bout that
Can a bitch get at least some Jimmy Chou
Can a nigga get action
You seen that new prada baby
I see it (can I get those too)
Of course, uh huh (let’s go)

Verse 1
Fat boy fly boy
Saks fifth avenue
Fitted cap Prada shoes
Both of them [?] blue
Pockets like the monks
Big lumps like speed bumps
Hoes see you slowing down
Next you know it’s going down
Whole lotta sucking now blowing now
I can turn a virgin territory to a sea and city
Hoe in town
I ain’t never pimped but I keep a lotta hoes around
No this ain’t the mall bitch I just got some clothes around
George junk apartment I just keep the blow around
Looking for the Pyrex pot and baking soda now
Hot plate hot plate
Tell me what you see
If I'm dropping 28 and I bring back 43
I don’t really give a fuck they charging 30 for a key
I break a brick down too
I'll mix and put that bitches on 3
If you looking for a real Atlanta D-boy that’s me
If you looking for a real Atlanta DJ that’s Scream
If you looking for a nigga holding down that GA
Then you talkin’ bout my partner player DJ MLK
Don’t be asking how I know pussy nigga cause I say
Mike Bigga it’s bigga I'm Mike on the way
Ayy, yeah, yeah, grind time rap gang nigga bang bang bang
Grand hustler grand hustler grind time mother fu**ers
What’s happening G Dave
Ma homeboy [?]
I mean this the ahh
Saks fifth avenue product this year I mean
But I'm a gangster even when I'm up in saks fifth
The lady says can I help you
I said first you could get me some shoes
And then you could put em on for me
Ya understand me cause, if I’ma spend that kinda money
I need VIP treatment for all the years we couldn’t get man
That’s how GI I'm about my shit man
I roll through niggas mad up
Everytime I go through [?] man you know
I gotta go with a few different [?] man
Cause it’s really a funny look up there man
You niggas lookin real weird and queer man
You know I'm saying but I'm in the polo shop daily man
I'll catch you there man you might catch a fat fly boy
At rochester man doing my thing man
Tired of this shit man need me Marcus shit man
I’ma skate on over at [?] man grab a GuccI purse
You for the special someone in my life
You understand me man, know I mean an umm
You know lil mama one day we are in this coupe
But you get you about 3 or 4 [?]
Before you start acting like a stank hoe
I'm just tryna holla at you inside the club
Until yo tag was still sticking out the back of that
Monkey ass dress you wearing
That monkey dress but um, it’s ok
You know I’ma introduce you to some other shit
We go we go um do you like a credit
We go start you to 2 thousand dollars
Shopping trip
We don’t want you to lose your mind
Don’t try to write a book on a player
I'm saying you know you know how you bitches do man
You know it’s grind time rap game mother fucker
Bang bang bang you know I'm saying
I'm getting good rich at [?]

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