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Savage Mode

I ain`t get no sleep, let`s get it
Uh, uh, uh
Double cup, I`m sippin` up
Middle finger up `cause I don`t give a fuck
I don`t trust these niggas, keep a glizzy tucked
C cup on my bitch, she like her titties sucked, ooh, ooh, ooh
I pull up when that block call (What`s up?)
Catch a opp snoozin`, turn his clock off, uh
When I fuck a thot I keep my socks on (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Fuck her with my watch on, that`s when I got time for her
She said I smell good, oh, that`s Tom Ford
Never trust trust a thot, I keep my eye on her (I see you)
Make her turn her phone off
Ayy, bitch, no text, no calls (Turn it off)
`Cause that same bitch be quick to put a drop on you (Facts)

You can never ever catch me slippin`
I get paid and pay attention
`Cause these hoes they be wicked
And these bros they be switchin` man (They be switchin`)
They be switchin` sides (They be switchin` sides)
I`m from where commitment is commitin` crimes (Committin` crimes)
I`m from where the love is just a livin` lie (Is just a livin` lie)
She a ten, yeah, but I just want the head like I just flipped a dime

Ayy, ayy, I`m goin` in savage mode
I don`t trust a soul so when I die I keep my casket closed
Ayy, ayy, I`m goin` in savage mode
Treat the beef just like a stripper, bitch, I`m quick to grab the pole
Ayy, ayy, I`m goin` in savage mode
Broke up with that bitch and then I went and got a badder hoe (Badder bitch)
And I still don`t give a fuck, I never did, ayy (I never did)

All my haters want me dead, that`s why I live it up (That`s what it is)
Put a price right on his head don`t start no shit with us (Don`t start no shit)
It`s a table full of bread, no you can`t sit with us (You can`t sit)
`Cause you ain`t been with us (No, you ain`t been)
You ain`t no day one (You ain`t no day one)
I`m with them C`s, I`m with them B`s, my niggas A-1

A lot of niggas changed up but I`m still the same one (Still the same)
I went and got my change up `cause I`m a made one (I made that change)
And I`m rich now, money legit now (What you say?)
I hold my niggas up, I hold my bitch down (What you did?)
I bust my wrist down, credit is fixed now (What you did?)
Money, we flip now, and I stayed ten down
And bitch, I`m still down, `cause bitch I`ve been down
Fuck what they felt then, fuck what they feel now

Ayy, ayy, I`m goin` in savage mode
I don`t trust a soul, so when I die, keep my casket closed
I`m goin` savage mode
I just went and did it, man, I never even had a goal
Ayy, I`m goin` in savage mode

Cook before I eat, I want the pot, man, you can have the bowl
`Cause I`d rather starve then be fed by a nigga
Man, that`s when you let `em have control (When you let `em, when you let `em)
`Cause I`m a go hard anyway or any day
Man, I`m trapper, I`m in trappin` mode
And now I got millions in the bank now, I`m straight
I ain`t never goin back to broke (I ain`t never goin` back)
And I got them shooters with me with a movie clip
Man, you can say that we in active mode
Ayy, but we ain`t actin` though

Grrt, baow
That`s my nigga, man
They said he went off on them adlibs
Adlibs is crazy just now
Nigga, I was in the zone just now
In the fuckin` zone

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