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Say You Will (Remix)

We was so official see the tears to my tissue on my shoulder was the tissue for her tears
i told my fears she told me her fears
she said she'd do whatever so we make it threw the years
so as the moment heald when we not together
thought we suppose to be forever
sick to my stomach wanna vomit and im bummin' i ain't got a hair cut in about month
in i be frontin' when u callin in the mournin' like u want it but you don't you just be frontin' why u frontin?
i'm abusing my substance doin alot of puffin' doin alot of cussin'
talkin to myself like drigga what happen(ha ha)
yellin one minute next minute im laughin'
next minute im cryin next minute im dying pass me the asperin
stop the bucket all back then
look at the sky like LORD WHAT YOU ASKIN'..
well you take her away from me why she have to go
father this your son i only wanna know suppose to plant my seed in her we was pose to grow
is it what she said or another nigga though..
ain't nobody cant nobody else be with my baby see ya wit another man i probley go crazy
i am crazy
i kill um if i see see him how i'm feelin i ain't playin
i am playin
gettin' my kanye in..
baby this is trey and everyday they in a weight in
they be sayin i dont be slayin' these beats so maliciously tell me y you dissin' me
i try to leave the mic alone she called an said she misses me i came back now ain;t that sweet of me for me to be
givin her what she need
allday is V.A
to the bay to ny to la i been fly
i been passed guys in the rearview a lookey hear you
i don't care what my pears do
its alot of u's like seafood so many fish in the sea only 1 me only 1 songs ain't no 1 song i won't jump on and get my thump! on
beat the track up like it jumped on... my momma and thats on my momma
and ain't no rama ain't no singer aint no human aint no creature that can fill my sneakers
i sound so good threw the tweeters i smell so hood from the refer..
yet im tryna change my imagry but im still real i aint never been gemick-e
said im great now but image what im finna be
i'm filled wit flatery everytime they mimmick me
aye! im at the top of my game
an aint nobody poppin my chain i dont even wear one but the goons gone bang if you reach for any mouthafuckin thang its tramaine...

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