Babyface - Sayonara Lyrics


Written by babyface, l.a. reid (1989)Performed by after 7All was rightWe were oneYou were my everythingSo in loveNow I've learnedThat you weren't thereHow could I be so blind for youWell I seen it in your faceThat you were on a dateGirl I should've known you started comin' in so lateSomeone else had saidThat I had been misledUntil the day our kid found you in someone else's bedSayonaraI won't be botheredAnd I never want to see your face no moreSayonaraI won't be botheredAnd I never want to see your face no moreOh no, no, no, no, noOh no, no, noAll I knowIs you were wrongBut still I could forgive[Sayonara lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]I stayed strong'til one dayHe came byAnd said our familyWas all a lieWell I couldn't believe my earsWhat he was tellin' meSo I went to call the doctor'cause I just had to seeWell he really rocked my worldYou know good and well he did'cause you knew all the timeThat you had someone else's kidHook 2 timesOh! oh! oh! girlGirl I've had itYou could have had the decencyTo tell the child if not just meOh! oh! oh! girlGirl forget itGirl I'm walking out that doorYou can't come this way no moreNo, no, no, no, noNo, no, no, no, noHook 3 times

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