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Stupid ass bitch

[Chorus 1:]
Yousa a scrape
Youse a bitch
Youse a slut
Youse a trip
Youse a scrape

[Chorus 2:]
10 dolla date
You think you is
But bitch you ain't
See your nothin full of cum stupid bitch youre no more fun now gotti is who I be and youse a nothing nothing nas bitch to me me bet yo is slut ho cum sponge bitch for sho run under filming the iq of a pigeon nothing
You’re just a scrape

[Chorus 3:]
I go hard on a hoe
I go hard on a hoe ho ho

[Chorus 4:]
You just a scrape
Thats what you are are
You’re just a scrape
You ain’t got no car
You ain’t got no house
And i live real far

[Chorus 5:]
What im a do drive all the way out there to come get you drive back to my house and drive back too
You just a scrape

[Chorus 6:]
Scrape me baby [x3]
Im just a scrape
And thats fo sho i’m just a scrape worse than a ho
Im nasty with it cum and get it let this pussy wrap around your lips kiss it and hit it

Stupid ass bitch

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 3]

[Chorus 4]

[Chorus 5]

[Chorus 6]

[Chorus 7:][x2]
You're just a scrape
I go hard on a ho
Hard on a ho
Hard on a ho
You just a scrape

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