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See Me Now

I be damned if my haters see me nw
I wish all of my haters could see me now
What would they say if they saw all of these rooms
So many shoeboxes but inside there ain't shoes
Who give a damn what a hater say
I gotta be in the hood just to hear 'em anyway
Wonder how it feels every day talking shit
About someone who ain't even know you exist

[Verse One]
No ice is on me the day is in my styrofoam
Bitch stop talking to me cause my mind is gone
And I got lose in one of these hallways
Damn right it's my residence but I been searching for my room all day
White on white on white, that's that boy Z-Ro
You can buy a verse from him or you can buy a kilo
Damn right I'm a rapper but I can get you what you need though
I don't fuck with none of these niggas cause all of these niggas is "he-hoes"
Ain't worried about no hoes nigga
In case you didn't get the memory I'm a gold rimmer
It's the new king and the boss we the new UGK
We touch down and cause hell just like Lil' Boosie say
Stephen Realberg my iPhone got so many movies mane
Shoutout to all the niggas that only go to Onix for "Two Dollar Tuesday" mane
We be smoking Khalifa
Since 2002 I ain't seen no regular reefer


[Verse Two]
Ever since I said I won't go bow down
The seven millimeter stay on me new faces on my route now
Don't give a fuck about the [?] in the [?] all my shit come in [?] now
Red MM82 big bad wolf I blow your house down (haha!)
Shoutout to Kirko he the young don
My nigga Key Key be looking at Kirko like he the young son
DJ Screw be screwing a pick were [?] shit she come from
We ain't low no more they banging this shit in London
We turn up with DJ Ill
We spin those records plus turn up with DJ Ill
Y'all niggas ought to know by now
V Life bitch you strippers ought to know by now
You hoes don't have to feel me
But if I ever sell my soul you hoes gonn' have to kill me
I see you talking lil bro but I see that you talking funny
I can't understand your language Douglas cause all I talk is money


Titty Picture Gram aka Kimbro Slates
Uh, just sending some love to all my haters worldwide
To all my haters; fuck you and whoever you send cards to every holiday
Fuck you and whoever you love the most and fuck whoever you lay next to every night nigga
And that's coming straight from my Christian heart you dig?
Screwed up kid for life


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