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See The Fire Burning

See the fire burning,
See the fire blazing fires,
See the fires burning.

Living through the course of the century,
People got wise unexpectedly,
Life was 47 now it's 75,
Butt you'll never make it if you're burned alive.


See the fire, put it out before you can't put it out,
Some chose to live and the rest they know,
That punishment hurts if you fail to do so,
You can't control the fire,
So put it out before you can't put it out.


The problems of the world today,
Now the problems in the world although there's really no,
Solution now check out the brother with the wack,
Movement for improvement & capital punishment,
You stand with astoundment and with astonishment,
You didn't know the wack could come with the attack,
A strategic pact cause yo we're not lacking in any format,
And any procedure we analyse and break down and then we,
Read you.

Like counter act it like your intelligent but,
There also has to be-nevolence.
That is irrelevant that,
Would be ironic comic supersonic more like bionic,
A Tackhead style of rap that ticks & kicks words to life,
Six million dollars worth.

And if you want some i'll go,
Real beserk.
I hope they play this on malimal & red alert.

From the guillotine hang rope electric chair,
Perception of the matter makes your eyeballs stare,
The nature of the crime depends on it's case,
While the vocals of the judge keep the jury in it's place,
Dwon on your luck down on your knees,
Life has run amuck and there's no remedy,
See the fire burning,
Put it out before you can't put it out.


Date Added: 1970-01-01
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