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Dangerous Sex

Dangerous sex
Chorus: Don't let your body rule your mind.

Walked in the bar past midnight,
A few drinks & the time was right,
You seen something might have spoke German,
Was it a she or was it a Herman,
In the back of your mind you didn't want to,
But the liquor said that you were going to,
In the bathroom on the stairs,
It felt so good you didn't care,
Dangerous sex.


Give it to me harder faster who's the master,
You wanna do it some more just ask her,
Pull up in the car with your money,
I wanna have some fun with you honey,
You play some games in the hotel,
You gotta promise me that you won't tell,
In the bed you got bad reviews,
Then we seen you on the six o'clock news,

You 're talking bout sex drugs rock & roll,
Music claims your immortal soul,
Hollywood is hot New York is cool,
Money gain power is the common goal,
Radios movies & tv's treat sex like it's a celebrity,
So you stand on line for an hour to see,
Somebody that just gave you v.d.


Well that's why you're living in a house up on the hill,
You got laid for a hundred dollar bill,
I heard you were dying so you're writing a will,
You went to the doc got a shot in the pill,
Insane minus brain that's what you get for smoking cocaine,
You wore a condom & it broke again,
You better stop hanging round crazy men,
Dangerous dangerous sex.
Be gentle don't hurt me.


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